Everything you look for on e-invoicing is at eFinans!

e-invoice is the name given to the applications created by T.R. Presidency of Revenue Adminisration (PRA/GİB), which aims safe and reliable e-invoicing that meets legal standards. Learn More


No more manual bookkeeping!

The Turkish e-ledger system enables electronic creation, safekeeping and sub missal of books to be kept sas per the Tax Procedural Law and Turkish Commercial Code. In order to use this system, you must have a PRA licensed e-Ledger application. Learn More


Cash management is under your control with one click!

Finance Star is an electronic packet programme application of Finansbank who is providing our company with cash management solutions. Adaptates easily to our system with its flexibility as well as the advanced security background. Thus, it minimizes the operational risks and costs in your baking transactions. Learn More


The safest way between sender and receiver.

According to 6102 numbered Turkish Trade Act denunciation and warnings of pushing into default, termination of contract, renege on a contract are done via notary registered mail, telegram or safe electronic signature using registered electronic mail service. Learn More


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e-Invoicing 2017 Report by Billentis

Client’s Insight

We preferred eFinans, because of its experience, technical proficiency, eligible organizational and technical knowledge to serve all our companies. eFinans guided us on administrative side and supported us. Processes about GİB applications, GİB tests and transfering to live usage was faster with eFinans.

We also plan to use e-Ledger system with which we believe that we´ll save paper and time after w-Invoice project is finished. Espicially directors of companies that will join to e-Invoice and e-Ledger systems must be careful about integration of institutional resource planning programs.

We were not “obliged taxpayer” when we began to use e-Invoice system. We joined to system to increase customer satisfaction and time and cost saving. We had a considerable time saving, because invoice printing, sending ans storing, packaging and posting charges were removed due to eFinans e-Invoice system. Also our analysises prove that unproper system logins have been preventing and payments have been completing more properly. This is an unexpected advantage for us. We preferred eFinans, because eFinans gave confidence with its professionalism and institutional structures. Beside this, adjustment process is short, because eFinans is a ready system. Espicially we transferred to our business processes more easily with its easiness of user screens and flexible structure.