Confidentiality Policy

By using this website, as user you agree that you have read and agreed to confidentiality and safety terms. If you assume that you will fail to fulfill the obligations notifies in the Confidentiality Policy please do not attempt to use the site. Use of some sections of the site or or interactions that shall be mounted in these sections with some some additional provisions and terms may be valid at later periods.

eFinans undertakes to allocate client oriented service approach based allocated and provided or concealed client data confidentiality in compliance with below depicted terms.

  • To fulfill the services claimed from our clients at the obligatory or allocated services required data are received and preserved.
  • Users are in charge of all services conducted by membership name and password. Member name and password loss, provision of unauthorized 3rd parties or any form threatening member security instantly site and/or site owner shall be notified.
  • Searching out better contributions to make better adjustments pertaining to data we received from our clients and our interactions with our clients we can combine with the data from other sources. Moreover, also including identification data by means of benefiting from multiple technologies we can also collect data to use our internet site.
  • You give authorizations to use the data we collected in accordance with depicted down:
  • Fulfillment of your claims by us or employees, consultants etc related channels,
  • Client satisfaction questionnaires, market researches and service supports,
  • Support of products and services provided from eFinans,
  • Upon your permission to fulfill by marketing in marketing intention by eFinans and certain institutions,
  • When we are present at our sites acceleration of your travel in the site and compositions of internet use statistics,
  • Unless externalized from legal incumbents client data may not be shared with third parties or organizations without their own approvals.
  • Client data, eFinans based regulative institutions by legal and execution institutions upon requirement may be revealed under the legal constraints.
  • Concerning eFinans derived services if cooperation is held with alternative corporate, these institutions shall be enabled to follow eFinans confidentiality policy and terms.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to client data related security precautions are held over data systems.
  • By eFinans staff access to client data is adjusted based on most restricted authorization level to conclude the affairs and mission diversifications.
  • Members included all users of internet website know and agrees that internet environment is not a reliable environment, in internet environment relations are risky, personal data, passwords etc included all data may be attributed to third party’s actions contrary to jurisprudence. Website owner never allocates any warranty pursuant to malevolent use and security issues.

At the site, not processed by site owner or failed to detect processed by third parties sub and upper sites may be installed and links/data are available to make contact with them. Before the execution of any operation safety and security conditions in the related sites should be reviewed. From the personal data provided to mentioned websites from the contents generated from these sites and from services and from the security policies and applications from these sites owner of the website may never be held responsible To enable the user to gain from some sections of the website auxiliary programs may be required. If these sections are used method of use and content relevant data are recorded at the site data base. To avail you to gain higher benefit from these sections some of the “cookies” are available. By these means, some data may be forwarded to the user.

  • Our clients and potential clients via phone number 0850 250 67 50 may be externalized from our e-bulletin lists.
  • eFinans upon the event of infringement of confidentiality terms or breach of rules whether infringement is completely realized or not refusal of the current data, exclusion from the content, elimination rights included, before preliminary announcement, user’s suspension from use of site and services access, termination, membership withdrawal authorization (not obligatorily) shall be treated secretly confidential. That rule also valid considering the event of indirectly infringement or attempt to make infringement by a third part personnel.
  • Your questions are available through pertaining to confidentiality of the website or via e-mail address for more detailed information.