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Terms of Use

www.efinans.com.tr is an internet website EFİNANS ELEKTRONİK TİCARET VE BİLİŞİM HİZMETLERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (eFinans) related products and services and eFinans correlated corporate data are served. Your access to Internet website is subject to below depicted jurisprudential terms stated between you and eFinans. From the time of your use of Internet website with that Internet site and if there is with related sites via that site or by that site commercial access, commercial electronic contact, specific intermediary tools and functional access, use and receive right shall be authenticated for yourselves.

By means of making access to that domain and/or to any page over that website, you will be accepted as accepted below depicted terms. eFinans upon the event of breach of these terms with no requirement for warning or notification is authorized to constraint your use.

When your membership or your freely acceptance statement selecting “accept and approval” phases you will be deemed as approved these usage terms identified here.


Terms and conditions identified below are legally binding for the users accessing to the site. If you refuse these terms you will be prohibited from that website and from services allocated via that site.

eFinans By any time without prior notification is authorized to amend the terms of use or to impose new terms. Renewals over the terms of use are subject to update of that page. If updated site is used renewed terms shall be deemed approved.

Use of Knowledge and Materials

You are allowed to visit website pages, you can get information pertaining to our products and services corporate reports, use our career chances and other related services allocating value added.

None of any data or description in the website, related to any product or service purchase/sale proposal have never been allocated as invitation or related recommendation. Due to losses or damages emerged at the end of given determinations eFinans may not be held responsible. Before making determination or to give business or personal related statements or before the acceptance of action you are recommended to consult your investment advisory.

Users unless otherwise is anticipated by eFinans using website content or web pages are not authorized to make product or service sale, commercial advertisements or to make similar commitments or to deal with commercial activities. By that means if activities are diagnosed their eFinans memberships shall be withdrawn and legal sanctions shall have been applied pertaining to the ones making these attempts.

eFinans is powered to shape the website content as desired and allowed to offer the website in combination with advertisements and promotions. Advertisements and promotions are not obligatorily have to be directly relevant with website. eFinans is entitled to renew the usage tariffs and applications relevant to advertisements as desired at the selected date.

Restrictions of Liabilities

By means of approving the terms of use upon any type of your usage related to the entire operations you will execute you deemed to have accepted the liabilities. Information in that website are subject to “as original” and “in present form” basis. eFinans does not submit any warranty as per accuracy, adequacy and completeness. Risks connected to your usage of the website are only left to your own liability.

Any possible fault emerged at the time of website use, performance loss, cut off, delay in data transfer, line and/or system breakdown or contamination of computer virus included but not restrained with these any direct or indirect damage or injuries even upon the case of preliminary notification shall be deemed externalized from the liability of eFinans. . eFinans by no means shall be held responsible from the faulty content of contents and services, contrary to legal affairs allocated to you via the website due to emerged moral, material, legal, financial outcomes or earning loss indirect results. Owing to incompleteness and resource mistakes breakdowns over the data base, delays, incompleteness, faults and due to termination of broadcast, delays, incompleteness, due to use of accessed data emerged direct and/or indirect losses, profit losses, material losses and third party’s losses by no means may be in the account of eFinans. To enable the continuation of the products and services allocated at the website and as per satisfaction of user needs no guarantee is conferred. With that purpose in mind, eFinans without announcement keeps secretly confidential its power to change all types of material, data and content over the related products and services to make elimination, truncation, renewal or cancellation and termination.

eFinans does not confer any warranty in terms of security and completeness of functions and content in that website, in the course of elimination of the mistakes or in association with the applied server considering the fact that itself or 3rd party’s owned sub or superior sites/links are purified from virus or any other harmful content.

Third Party Websites and Connections

In that website connections are available for other websites owned by other person or corporate/companies. These connections only encompass informative purpose, upon the event of making access related website’s confidentiality and usage conditions are valid. eFinans does not promise the accuracy and confidentiality of other websites or connected websites originated data, contacts, commercial electronic messages or link allocated, data given other website validities and by no means undertake any jurisprudential liabilities. eFinans by no means may be held liable pertaining to the usage of websites given contact, contents and qualities of these websites or due to third party website contacts as a result of composed damages or losses.

Data or executed extractions located in websites are informative intended. eFinans and/or owners of these contents, the qualities and service conditions are authenticated to change these contents and terms of use without prior notice.

Collected Data

During your access identifying your access IP address type of your internet scanner, time you spent in the website, pages you made access and address data of the directed website are registered. These records never allow to identify the identity of any visitors and collected in statistical purpose used to give better service for you. You can visit our internet website without defining your identity or with no data entry. But, to benefit from some services allocated via the website you need to make data entry. Your data derived or access by that way are preserved according to confidentially policy. More detailed data about the topic are placed in our Confidentiality Policy.

Membership Terms

  • Registration: eFinans may stipulate the use of some sections to membership/registration terms, various membership categories may be allocated current categories may be renewed. During the registry some of the identification and communication data may be asked.
  • User name and Password: User is allocated with a special name and password or composed by the user.
  • At the time of registry entered by member, inserted into the website and content or forwarded by that website all types of; (i) identity data, (ii) contact data are left to the liability of member. Registry intended allocated identity and contact data are accepted to be updated, accurate and reliable. Preservation of user name and password is in the charge of the user.
  • <lİ>eFinans by no means liable for inaccurate, fraud or unauthorized use of user name and password. In the event of unauthorized or unpermitted use considering eFinans and/or 3rd party identity’s losses are in the charge of the responsible user. eFinans related jurisprudential authorizations are kept secretly confidential. Transactions realized over that website are accepted and realized as long as held by accurate word/password. With the intention of tracking transactions made via website you need to save the client number, word/password and to keep confidential that shall be allocated to you and shared with you by eFinans. Efinans is not in charge of loss or damages owing to use of your word/password when used by third parties.
  • User is in charge of all operations realized via user account.
  • <lİ>Users are deemed accepted and approved accuracy, confidentiality, not having faulty manner, not infringing the rights of 3rd parties, legally current, granted in goodwill pertaining to all types of data transmitted or entered into the website and related data has transmittance and posting authorization.
  • Upon the event of unauthorized use of user name and password by the user or instantly learning to commit to capture them is in charge of notification to eFinans.
  • Commercial Contact: User and the users; from the websites operated by eFinans or not owned by eFinans or failed to detect the execution run by 3rd parties from websites accepted the entitlement to forward commercial electronic or electronic data, in commercial content or isolated from commercial content forwarding of electronic device based electronic message is deemed approved/allowed previously. User upon any desired time is authenticated to terminate that granted authorization/approval and to reject commercial electronic messages. Rejection claims are processed by eFinans latest in 3 business days.
  • User unless a distinguished contract or a regulation in the website upon desired time with no restrictions and with no announcement may withdraw to receive message and membership. Upon anticipation in the website progresses due to termination of membership must be tracked obligatorily.

Brand and Copyright Authorizations

Excluded from the materials that are owned by the third parties contained in the website knowledge and materials related all copyright authorizations, registered brand, patent, intellectual and other property rights are owned by eFinans. Unless specially identified conditions depicted here do not entitle any use right or any saving authorizations over them for users.

In the website knowledge, documents and papers except visioning in online system are prohibited to be copied, reproduced, revealed in public environments, applied, distributed or used in any commercial and public intention, their content may not be changed and damaged.

Any person or institution without advance permission is not entitled to use specific portion of that site in another site, prohibited to supply contact from an alternative website or via websites may not offer the content of eFinans website by means of including into frame. As a component of a content presented in the website allocated for 3rd parties any title, logo, brand and other materials and contained intellectual property rights are under the possession of authorized parties. By the ownership owners unless allocating a special permission any portion of these by any way or entirely may not be copied, reproduced, published, processed and destroyed by means of changing its content.

Legal Affairs

Infringement or any attempt to make infringement of site safety and usage conditions are prohibited. These types of infringements may be presented to jurisprudential institutions and legal and prosecution claims are authorized. If the types of actions are proved to have been realized stipulating to treat secretly confidential the all legal rights of eFinans related parties or users shall be banned to make access into the website, if there is memberships also are terminated. If eFinans is given up any written legal right here or any termination of implementation does not refer the fact that it has terminated its rights or violated. eFinans; (i) if violates terms and conditions or policies depicted here by eFinans related to user, (ii) if user has no application power due to legal constraints, (iii) as per the related provisions and administrative regulation corporations, (iv) based on legal status or force majeure terms if website access is terminated, (v) based on the appreciation of eFinans as per suspension of website broadcast, cancellation, termination or based on similar causes with no announcement membership may be terminated, usage right may be eliminated or by similar causes with no notification membership may be eliminated. In terms of discrepancies emerged due to website use eFinans related notebook and communication logos with all types of computer records made by eFinans to users e-mail, fax announcements present final and independent evidence. Terms of use of that website are executed and commented as per Republic of Turkey’s laws and rules. As per the entire incompatibilities emerged due to website use Turkish Laws shall be applied and in terms of resolution of the discrepancies İstanbul (Çağlayan) Courts are authorized. As per usage conditions of www.efinans.com.tr website your questions may be forwarded to info@efinans.com.tr address via e-mail correspondence for further explanations.