Partnership Structure


Turkey's young and dynamic bank, QNB Finansbank, became operational on October 26, 1987. QNB Finansbank growing very rapidly in a short period, as of September 2013 more than 13 thousand employees and more than 650 branches, continues to successfully offer innovative banking services to its customers.

In 2012, total assets of 31 billion USD rising to the level of the US dollar, QNB Finansbank has a strong capital structure and that has a solid financial structure with a high return on equity. When considering funding structure, QNB Finansbank has a vast deposit base as well as to have a long-term outsourcing is funded by loans. QNB Finansbank's strong financial position has an important place in Turkey's financial markets.


Cybersoft was founded in Ankara in 1995 Cybersoft, with the enterprise market of large-scale information technology projects, especially in the field of development of application software industry, it is one of the most important companies. CyberSoft is company which has 100% Turkish capital and it’s an experienced company in finance, public sector, insurance and telecommunications. eFinans has worked with institutions such as Ministry of Finance, Revenue Administration, General Management of National Lottery, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade. It also has carried out the project with an important export e-government projects in Turkey with Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan.

As mission, Cybersoft is adopted itself as“the company which produce technology” instead of “ the company which use the technology efficiently” and it is one of the companies which do R&D investments on Turkey’s Information technology sector. As a result it of these projects, Aurora Software Product Line was developed. In addition, the scope of the EU 6th framework TUBİTAK, Teydeb and executed multiple projects.

  • Cybersoft’s Quality Management System has been established in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standard. ISO 9001: 2008 sertification of Cybersoft refers to the internationally recognized Quality Management System.
  • Process management system which was established by Cybersoft, it is designed to cover ISO 15504 (SPICE) and ISO / IEC 12207 standards.
  • Project plans are prepared in accordance with the IEEE standard.
  • Cybersoft Quality Management System technical requirements, communication and quality management system is covered by LIGHTHOUSE.
  • Cybersoft, in the work of software process assessment, it is being used the ISO / IEC TR15504.
  • Cybersoft added CMMI Level 3 to its quality standards in 2007, and added ISO / IEC 27001 to its Information Security Management System in 2008.