Why eFinans?

Why are we in this sector?

Revenue Administration's priority is that e-Invoice taxpayers of the companies in which defined sectors by the e-invoice collection and will increase gradually place in the payment cycle and we expect also take more space fiscal seal the well in the banking system due to email in the bill of credit processes. e-Invoice, e-Ledgers and close to the future e-Archive, e-Check, e-Dispatch and other electronic applications will be moved to the end of the banking electronically by the end. In this context, our goal is to provide integrated with each other in a way that integrates the use of all electronic applications in electronic commerce.

Why to choose eFinans?

When you receive services from eFinans, you could see your e-invoices through a portal, which can view all your Invoices with e-Ledger applications, if you wish, you can make your payment and collection transactions through Finansbank‘s integrated system.

In addition, e-invoice and financing solutions are available, offering collective and integrated invoice payment facilities with flexible payment opportunities with eFinans products and services and get rid of processes about printing, shipping, courier, pickup, control, record, archiving.

SMEs looking to cut costs and accounting costs in this service, which will be spread in institutional firms, we provide to all our customers with the Cybersoft’s technological strength and innovation.

Our difference:

  • Partnership of two reliable and experienced experts in their field: Finansbank and Cybersoft
  • Support web which is spread all around Turkey
  • ISO 27001, CMMI3, TS13298 Electronic Document Management Standard certificate with proven and advanced information security infrastructure
  • To respond for the specific needs of organizations with a flexible structure (scalability)
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Center fully presented by Finansbank
  • Business Continuity Center in order to provide uninterrupted service
  • High-speed service