Could I keep archive digitally by switching my printed invoices into this system?

Electronic copies of invoices you printed or received have no validity in terms of Revenue Administration. In addition, that you keep the printed invoices and e-invoices in the same archive and including the printed invoices with the same flow with e-Invoices in your firm is possible.

Who will take the responsibility of archive at integration?

The obligant is under the responsibility of archive. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure about the chosen application has archive management feature.

Should I or special integrator keep archive?

Archive is basically under the responsibility of obligants. However, the place where your archive is kept must be within the boundaries of Republic of Turkey and must be accessible when supervisor ask for it. But the special integrators who have the license of e-Invoice keeping service are especially configured for archiving services. For that reason, keeping your archive in special integrator firms that have keeping service would raise your security. In addition to this, you must question your special integrator’s keeping capacity,quality of basis,back up and work sustainability process. If your special integrator does not have e-Invoice keeping service licence, you should not keep your archive at mentioned special integrator.

Our systems are being managed from abroad. For that reason, could I keep my e-Invoice archive abroad?

In compliance with 421 Numbered General Communique of Tax Procedure Law which is published by Revenue Administration, primary archives of e-Invoices have to be within the boundries of Republic of Turkey. But if the primary archive is kept within the boundaries of Republic of Turkey, then the secondary archive can also be kept abroad if it is needed.