Could the stoppage, VAT and VAT cut be shown seperately on e-Invoice?


Many tax kinds can be added to the e-Invoice calculation via “Add Tax” button. All added taxes are shown with their amounts and rates on the invoice.

Is it possible to draw up both printed and e-Invoice?


Obligants who are registered to e-Bill system have to draw up e-invoice each other. If receiver is not registered to e-Invoice system,the invoice should be drawn up  as printed. Drawing up both of paper and electronic bill together is not possible for the same goods or servicing sales.

What is e-Invoice?


e-Invoice application was created by Revenue Administration and it is the general name of the invoices which are drawn up as electronic document format and in accordance with the identified standarts, with the aim of providing  safe and smoothly circulation between parties.

What is e-Invoice Portal?


e-Invoice application was created by Revenue Administration and it is the general name of the invoices which are drawn up as electronic document format and in accordance with the identified standarts, with the aim of providing  safe and smoothly circulation between parties.

Who can benefit from it?


According to 232nd bullet of 213 numbered Tax Procedure Law; the obligants who have to draw up invoice could benefit from e-Invoice application.

How can I benefit from e-Invoice application?


The ones who want to benefit from e-Invoice application are required to apply in written to Revenue Administration (RA) or apply ellectronically. After your application has been accepted, you have to provide Financial Seal Sertification by paying its price to UEKAE/TUBITAK. After you have received your sertificate, you can start to use e-Invoice application via e-Invoice Portal or by integrating your IT system.

How to draw up and send e-Invoice?


After you have got Financial Seal Sertification, you can do your e-Bill sending and receiving process via e-Invoice portal or on the data processing system which you integrated or through special integrator. After you got Financial Seal Sertification and your account is activated, it is possible for you to use e-Invoice Portal. If you need further invoicing than the limited opportunities that the portal provide to you, you can send and receive e-Invoice by integrating your data processing system into e-Invoice application. For the integration, you also have to apply to Revenue Administratrion. You don’t have to apply to use special integrator except the e-Invoice application you did through special integration.

What are the important issues about e-Invoice?


You must pay attention to the following issuses when you draw up, send and receive an e-Invoice:

  • e-Invoice must be drawn up in accordance with formats and standarts which are determined by Revenue Administration. Mandatory afields must be filled in full.
  • e-Invoice must be drawn up only for the users who are defined within e-Invoice. For that reason, it is not possible  to invoice for the ones who have not authority to receive e-invoice.
  • e-Invoice must be sent to the customers through e-Invoice application. In this regard, any electronic document which is sent out of this application is not accepted as e-Invoice within Tax Procedure Law. This situation doesn’t change even when the customer is defined on application, the invoice is appropriate in terms of  formats and stantarts and electronic document is sealed by Financial Seal.
  • e-Invoice must be sealed by Financial Seal. Any document without Financial Seal is not accepted as e-Invoice within Tax Procedure Law.
The company which I invoice is an obligant but not a e-Invoice user, what should I do?


You have to send printed invoice to the obligants who are not e-Invoice user.

Is it possible to send e-Invoice to all of my customers?


e-Invoice application enablessending and receiving e-invoices fort he users who are defined to be on this application. For that reason, you can send e-Invoice to only customers who are registered on the application.


How to keep and submit the e-invoice?
Can any file be added to its attachment when I send e-Invoice?


Yes, any file can be added.

How the cancellation-return e-Invoice will be drawn up?


There is no applicaiton for cancellation of invoices for now. Invoices could be declined by the receiver in legal periods or return invoice must be drawn up. It is invoiced like sale invoices but it must be specified to which invoice is referred for the return invoice.

What is e-Invoice obligant inquiry?


It is a service where you can monitor e-Invoice registered users livingly. You need to inquiry the obligant whom you will invoice is in e-Invoice system or it is neccessary the software you use must be doing it for you automatically. e-Finance always provides this kind of web services.

Do we have to apply seperately for our group firms which operate with different tax ID number?



You need to express your firm’s structure by applying Revenue Administration and forward your request  to receiving and sending invoices through single system and IP. 

While putting the printed invoices into the process, I see they come as e-Invoice as well, what should I do?



If an invoice which must come as e-Invoice, comes as printed, you must not accept it. The printed invoice is invalid. You must contact with sender to cancel it or you need to send a notice to official authorities through neccesary mediums.

The number of e-Invoices is low. Is it possible to use the Portal for a while?


Yes, it is possible. As another alternative, you can get e-Invoice providing service by the firms which have special integrator license.

Could the e-Invoice be drawn up as a foreign exchange?


Yes, e-Invoices could be drawn up as foreign exchange in accordance with Revenue Administration, with TL equivalent and as long as exchange rate is indicated. The rate data could be shown additionally.

Will the rate data information come as “mandatory space” in foreign exchange invoices?


Invoices can be drawn up as foreign exchange as long as exchange rate and TL equivalent is indicated. This case does not mean there will certainly be related fields on the received invoices, there is no obligation about this.

Could the system drawn up foreign exchange invoice manually?


It could be invoiced manually by selecting currency and entering exchange rate and TL equivalent.

Is it possible to write the amont on the invoice manually?


Invoice amount is additionally written manually in case there is dispute. But ın e-Invoice, there is no possibility of changing the numbers because the invoice is signed with Financial Seal. So, when the numbers are changed, this is realized on e-Invoice. Thus, there is no need for writing in disputes.

Do you have connector work with DRC(ERP)? In case you do not have work, do you invoice with stoppage?



We do not have integration  work with DRC. We work with half integration model with the obligant firms which use this (ERP). Invoice with stoppage can be drawn up through our portal within this method.

Could eFinans application determine the serial numbers on the invoice?


Serial numbers on the invoices are assigned automatically with ra2013 and bcs2013 series in Revenue Administration system. During invoicing, invoice serial numbers are created by e-Finance and new serial numbers could be created as well when it’s necessary.

Is it possible to stay two digit after comma for the number entered as invoice amount?


If you use connector, two digit after come is rounded up while automatic data exchanging and it is regulated as you wish. On manuel invoicing, Revenue Administration allows six digit for the unit price part.

Are we deciding to the document numbers on e-Invoices or is it given by Revenue Administration?



Serial numbers are given by eFinans. User can invoice through the serial which he/she chooses, create serial with the “create new serial” option on the portal and name it.

Is it possible to handle lots of waybill in a single invoice and send invoice by combining consignments?



It is possible to send in a single invoice as multiple for the invoices which will be sent to the same firm. We provide delivery of waybill and invoice together.

Can I change the invoice type? Could the different tags be used like adding logo or name changing?



You can customize it from the invoice format which is in accordance with the corporate identity.

Is it possible to upload invoice in Excel format?


Our system does not support Excel format.