e-Invoice Transition Methods

Can the firms which are not the obligant for e-Invoice enter to in e-Invoice system voluntarily?


The firms that are not obligatory e-Invoice obligants can join to e-Invoice system as voluntarily. These firms can leave e-Invoice system without any sanction if they want. But these firms have to keep the e-Invoices which are sent and received by them along 10 years.

What is e-Invoice application?


e-Invoice application was created by Revenue Administration and it is the general name of the invoices which are drawn up as electronic document format and in accordance with the identified standarts, with the aim of providing  safe and smoothly circulation between parties.

What is special integrator? Why should I prefer using special integrator?


It is integrating the data processing system with Revenue Administration system with the aim of sending or receiving other obligant’s invoices. Thereby, it enables to receive and send electronic invoice through a special integrator data processing system to the obligants who invoices many invoices and whose invoicing needs are different, in case of they have no technical efficiency or if they want their data processing system’s basis are insufficient or maybe  if they want.

What is the difference between integrator and special integrator?


Special integrator creates system infrastructure and provides connection with Revenue Administration by putting it into other firms’ service. The firm who creates integration, uses system infrastructure on its behalf and provides connection with Revenue Administration.

Who else can see the datas which special integrator keeps?


No one can see your datas as long as you do not give permission. Your datas are under the responsibility of special integrator. Therefore, you make your special integrator choice with the firms of which you are sure that they will obey the privacy and institutional policies carefully, will reduce the risk. Your datas are kept at the level of banking security at eFinans.

If special integrator will keep my datas, is it quaranteed?


It is possible to be kept your datas by a special integrator who has the permission of providing e-Invoice Keeping Service and with whom you agreed throughout the time you request within the legal obligation period. But the basis your special integrators keep and back up your datas is very important in terms of disaster management and business continuity plans. The firm’s contiunity, financial capacity and its reliability must be considered in when you choose your special integrator. 

Will I be informed if my e-Invoice integration software needs updating?


The application which you buy must be updated with the new nofitications according to the new changes by the solution provider firm. These updates are provided as part of the application’s maintenance and support contract. Therefore, woking in firms that have sustainable and issue-oriented work model is very important.

Will I be informed if my special integration usage needs updating?


It is expected that special integrators are supposed to update in time in their applications due to new notifications. Due to the changes on mandatory fields, some changes will be required as a result of new notifications in ERP which produces e-Bill informations and also in other applications at times.

Do I have to buy Financial Seal for special integration?


Yes, Financial Seal must be bought and must be renewed when it’s expired. But it is possible that special integrator can do Financial Seal and signing for you. Special integrators generally use womby signing hardwares which are named as HSM and it is possible to sign more e-Invoice by this means.

Do I have to keep my archive or special integrator must keep it?

Archive is basically under the responsibility of obligants. In addition to this, the place where your archive is kept must be within the boundaries of Republic of Turkey and must be accessible when supervisor ask for it. But the special integrators who have the license of

e-Invoice keeping service are especially configured for archiving services. For that reason, if you keep your archive in special integrator firms that give keeping service, you will have more security. However, you must question your special integrator’s keeping capacity, quality of basis, back up and work sustainability process. If your special integrator does not have e-Invoice keeping service licence,y ou should not keep your archive at that special integrator.

Does ERP program/Accounting program that we use conform with e-Invoice application?


It is possible for the data which is coming from ERP program to transform into the required format for e-Invoice application through a connector that will be operated between ERP program and e-Invoice application or through the changes that will be made in ERP program. You can get more detailed information from special integrator firms or ERP firms. eFinans can give output in XML,EDİ,CSV,UBL formats without need a connector, can send and receive e-Invoice by working synchronized with ERPs and can transform the data into the format which could be transferred to ERP.  Your portal application could be used as invoice management module singly.

Is special integrator also possible for e-Ledger?


e-Ledger application was designed for a software which would be integrated with source planning and accounting systems and pertinent data is sealed by Revenue Administration. There is no need for transferring with a central system because of there’s no receiver. Obligants are under the responsibility of keeping.

I use e-Invoice application through special integrator, do I need to buy Financial Seal?


Yes, but you can also use special integrator’s seal at the same time.

May I switch to integration or special integrator service from portal?


Yes, you can switch by applying to Revenue Administration.

Can we transfer coming invoices to ERP application automatically?


Electronic invoices which came with a suitable integration can be transferred to ERP application automatically. eFinans e-Invoice application could be integrated with many ERP applications. 

Is connector application paid?


Connector application is paid. Connector rating and selling is done by ERP firm.

Can I transfer my address book which is in ERP system into e-Invoice automatically?


Yes, you can transfer by the help an eFinans template.

Does connector application process any data to LOGO program and database?


A software that conforms to our LOGO system is being installed for the LOGO connector usage.

Could the users decide serial number follow-up themselves?


Users can name serial numbers according to Revenue Administration rule (XXX YEAR MONTH DAY NUMBER).

How the activation process happens for e-Invoice special integration method?


When you fill “eFinans Special Integration Authorization Form” which is on contract attachment, your username and password will be sent to your e-mail address. After that, you will log in eFinans portal on the web. The related person who will be doing the activation process will insert Financial Seal the computer which he/she logins and use it only once during this login process. Then you can lock that seal up to use in e-Ledger because of you will sign with our Financial Seal. You can share with us that which date you want to start up your e-Invoice system after or before signing contract for activation. After that, we will share activation password accordingly. All these processes last only a couple of minutes. 

Documentation and training will be given about how to use eFinans e-Invoice portal menu. It is expected that the firm defines all the things what these modules require. For any possible questions and problems after this training, you will get support from our call center which serves 7/24.

Could you explain half integration module? Could the other e-Invoice users make full integration by using these programs?


If your ERP program is not one of our ERP which is our connector connection, you can benefit from our web services with the foresight of a firm which has BT basis after a software produced by the firm.

If data transfer is provided in Xml format,authorization will done through the Static IP code which is sent us. Also it is possible to maintain e-Invoice process in this way (as half integration). If we have connector for ERP that you use, firm can manage e-Invoice process full automatically (full integration).

Our Financial Seal came from TUBITAK, do I have to use it immediately? Could we keep waiting it?


Please keep your Financial Seal until the activation process. The activation process which will be done with us and on internet lasts only a couple of minutes. It is enough to login with Financial Seal once to the machine. After this process, it will be notified to Revenue Administration automatically that you transferred to special integration with e-Finance.

I identified my Financial Seal but still can not login the card, why?


Firstly, be sure that the SIM card in your card is placed correctly and insert it again your computer. (How to insert it correctly is described with cartouche at the back side of SIM card entrance) Then operate Akis Card Monitoring tool which you downloaded from www.kamusm.gov.tr. Be sure that your card is listed in “Cards” category. Check if certificate informations and serial number are seen or not and enter your Financial Seal’s PIN code to the “Enter PIN” category which is on the top and right side and click on “Enter card” button. If you see the warning of your Financial Seal is locked when you try to enter to your card and it says  ”unlock”, it means that your card is locked due to entering the password incorrectly more than three times. To solve this problem, after you login with VKN (Tax Identity Number) and your secret question from “online services” at www.kamusm.gov.tr, unlock your card from “unlock” menu. After unlocking process, try to login again with the new PIN which is given to you. After logged in, you can login the system with your card.

When I try to login Financial Seal from Akis card program, I receive PCKS15 error, what should I do?


That kind of errors generally occurs as a result of inserting SIM card incorrectly or faulty driver installation.

Firstly, be sure that the SIM card in your card is placed correctly and insert it again your computer.(How to insert it correctly is described with cartouche at the back side of SIM card entrance). After being sure that your card is inserted correctly, run again the driver setup file which you used while installing Akis card and choose the “remove” option on the screen. After the application is removed successfully, set up the driver file again and try to login with your PIN again. After login, try to login with your library identified card. 

Test application will be installed to our application. What is the IP number that we are required to notify you?


We request static IP from ERP firms to test our system. We identify permissions to this IP number and give permission to access. They will test if the connector transfer invoices accurately from ERP in the light of test scenarios we sent.