What is compatible software for e-Ledger?

The softwares tested and confirmed by Revenue Administration and they will be given to other firm’s usage without compliance tests.

Do I have to be e-Invoice user to be e-Ledger user?

Yes, you need to be e-Invoice user at the same time.

What are the requirements to apply e-Ledger?

Within 1 numbered Electronic Ledger Notification, the ones who want to create, register, keep and submit the daybook and general ledgers in form of electronic book, need to have conditions on the following terms. For legal entity obligants, they have to have permission to benefit from electronic invoice application,  procure Financial Seal and they must use the software which has got compliance confirmation with the frame of  397 Numbered General Communique of Tax Procedure Law when they use it on keeping, registering, being confirmed, submission of electronic ledger.

How e-Ledger and e-Invoice depends on each other in terms of transferring and data sharing?

They do not depend on each other. Information for e-Ledger are not got from e-Invoice information, but the records of ERP systems.

I do not need e-Invoice application but may I apply for e-Ledger application?

In compliance with 421 Numbered General Communique of Tax Procedure Law which is published by Revenue Administration, it is mandatory to be e-Invoice user as prior condition to be e-Ledger user.

Is special integration possible for e-Ledger?

e-Ledger application is designed for the pertinent data to be sealed by Revenue Administration with a software which will be integrated into our source planning and accounting systems. There is no need to transfer with a central system, because of there is no receiver. Obligants are under the responsibility of keeping.