Revenue Administration

How can we learn the result of our application?

You can question it by calling +90312 302 17 00 or sending e-mail to with the tracking number which is given when you applied.

Are the invoices which come us over Revenue Administration checked?

Revenue Administration acts here as forwarder. There is no amount or data-based checking on e-Invoices which are sent through Revenue Administration system. Revenue Administration keeps very limited information to provide parties if the opponent claims that he/she did not received e-Invoice.

Invoices have different approval processes. Is there progressive approval mechanism in Revenue Administration portal?

Login and approval authorization is defined for only one user in Revenue Administration portal.  If you want to define progressive authorization for more than one person, you need to use integration system. Also you need to question if special integrators will meet your various authorization request or not. Progressive approval mechanism is already available and ready to use in eFinans.

Which fields are stated by Revenue Administration on invoice?

Fields like Invoice ID, Date of Invoice, Sender and Receiver VKN (Tax Indentity Number), the payable amount, number of envelope, time sent, time of receipt are stated to be kept by Revenue Administration