Product and Services



e-Invoice Integration

  • If you get e-invoice service from eFinans, you can manage your payment transactions and invoice collection as integrated with Finance Star products.
  • You can pay your receiving invoices as a whole via EFT(Electronic Found Transfer)/Transfer product
  • If you are doing your dealer collections via Finansbank Dealer Direct Debit System (DBS), you can manage your e-invoices by passing Finansbank collection system by creating invoices via DBS.
  • You can transfer your received e-invoices to Finansbank within Supplier Financing System 

Lump Sum EFT/Transfer

You can transfer your domestic cash transfers which you do by lump sum EFT/Transfer regularly to Finansbank by using your registered information in the system and by creating a lump sum payment .
Via this product, you can perform your in-bank transfer as Turkish Lira and foreign currency and as Turkish Lira for other domestic banks. 

Lump Sum Foreign Money Transfer

You can transfer your foreign currency which are transferred to domestic or foreign banks to Finansbank over your registered account informations, fast and by creating lump sum payment registeration to Finansbank.

Supplier Financing

It is the product which ensure to send the information of suppliers to Finansbank by debited company to make a discount within the scope of Supplier Finance. The supplier finance product should be used only for invoices which is billed as Turkish Liras.


It is the product which observes the collection of the cheques in the electronic platform. It is used only for the Turkish Liras cheques.

Continuous Cheque 

  • If you are making your payments by cheque regularly, you can print cheques and cheque information entries in continuous cheque format with a printer which is supplied by our bank through your computer easily with this feature.
  • You can upload the cheque information one by one or collectively in excel format.
  • Information belonging to cheques issued to other parties will be recorded electronically.
  • You can edit information on entered cheques and print the cheques of which information entered with the help of the printer,recorded on the program.


  • You can pay your received invoices with bulk EFT/transfer product and transfer them to Finansbank within the scope of Supplier Finance.
  • If you are the major company of Direct Debiting System, you can transfer your vendor’s invoices collectively to Finansbank, you can view the collection results and limit / available limit / risk informations and collection results instantly.
  • Thanks to the group structure, you can manage all your transactions through a single program which is connected more than one group
  • As major company, you can upload invoices and observe their sequels within the scope of Supplier Finance.
  • If you do your vendor collections via Finansbank Direct Debating System (DBS), you can manage your collections by transferring your e-invoices to Finansbank system.