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e-Invoice is the name given to the applications created by T.R. Revenue Adminisration (GİB), with the aim of enabling the safe and reliable roaming of the e-Invoices meeting the defined standards.

The sectors obliged to adopt e-Invoice application from 01.01.2014 in accordance with the e-Invoice Legal Statute related Tax Procedural Law are stated below:

  • Taxpayers with mineral oil licence and the ones who has minimum 25milion TL gross output amongst the taxpayers received goods from them in 2011
  • Taxpayers producing, building or importing cola drinks, alcoholic drinks and tobacco products and the ones who has minimum 10milion TL gross output amongst the taxpayers received goods from them in 2011

How does e-Invoice System Work?

e-Invoice system is developed for enabling the secure transmission of the invoices between parties.

Thanks to e-Invoice application you can:

  • Send e-Invoices to recorded users on the system
  • Recieve e-Invoices from recorded users on the system
  • Archive sent and received e-Invoices and present them when requested.

How does eFinans eInvoice System?

On eFinans system your e-Invoices are

  • Created,
  • Signed with financial seal,
  • Sent and received,
  • Paid by bank integration,
  • Transmitted to your accounting application with finance integration,
  • Archived,
  • Can be monitored, printed and presented when requested.

Who can use eInvoice?

As business firm only Incorporated, Limited companies and all the taxpayers private company status can use the e-Invoice application.

How to become an eInvoice user?

Taxpayers who want to create or send eInvoices should first open an User Account on eInvoice application. For this they should send a petition to Revenue Administration and obtain a Financial Seal Certificate.

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Advantages of eInvoice

e-Invoice system;

  • is nature friendly, makes sheet saving,
  • removes processes such as printing, sending, courier, checking, register and phisical archiving,
  • has a low archiving cost; easy to be presented when requested,
  • minimizes the dub probability with automatic and instant data recording,
  • eases the instant checking, confirmation and conflict resolution related to invoices,
  • shortens the involvement time of the incoming and outgoing invoices to firms’ cash flow plans.

   e-Invoice advantages provided by eFinans

  •      Thanks to cloud application, you can reach all your e-Invoices from anywhere you want.
  • Thanks to its archive service you can save your eInvoices in a highly secured environment.
  • Shortens your transaction time with high speed software and server support.
  • Enables you to realise your cash flow easier and faster
  • Provides you with finance, payment and collection solutions for your eInvoices
  • Enables you to pay your elnvoices as integrated and self invoices
  • Is ready to be integrated with most of the accounting and ERP softwares.