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What is REM?

According to 6102 numbered Turkish Trade Act denunciation and warnings of pushing into default, termination of contract, renege on a contract are done via notary registered mail, telegram or safe electronic signature using registered electronic mail service. 

Registered Electronic Mail (REM) is the general name of the system;

  • in which sender and receiver is specified,
  • where the content, sending-receiving date and time fastened with electronic signature and time stamp, 
  • which creates the evidential document and protects it.

Advantages of REM

  • Provides identifying sender and receiver.
  • Provides storing the information like sender, receiver, delivery time etc. and using these as evidence legally. 
  • Guarantees that the content of an e-mail can not be changed by someone else.
  • Provides accurate identification of sending and receiving time, if it is sent or received.