Training Catalogue

eFinans Training Options

As eFinans, we offer different training options for you to use all the features of eFinans Portal effectively, to perform all the steps of your processes fast, controlled and without problems.  

Distant Trainings Which Are Open For General Attendance / Paid / at the dates specified by eFinans

Distant trainings open to general attendance are done at the dates which are specified by eFinans , from the connection shared by you connected to eFinans presentation computer.

Participant company number is limited to 10. 

On site trainings specialfor companies/ Paid / dates specified jointly;

On site trainings special for companies meant that trainings which are at eFinans Training catalogue and given at your company’s location.

Participant number is limited to 15.

Workflow Consulting Service / Paid

With eFinans Workflow Module, you can reflect your workflows to e-Invoice module. We offer consultancy service on creating your workflows if you want.

Our proposal on a basis of person/day will be sent after the project analysis is done by our consultants.

Reservation:  You have to make reservation at least 2 days before the training. Reservation and workflow requests can be sent on weekdays to address via e-mail.