Buy e-Archive, Get a Free REM Account!

Firms that buy e-Archive from eFinans gets a Free REM account with 50 posts, 2 users, 100 MB storage, 50 SMS and virus scan is also comes free within the package.

What is e-Archive?

It is the delivery of an invoice created electronically via e-Mail / SMS or delivery as printed document to the customer.

e-Archive Advantages

    Ability to create e-Archive integrated with Commerce systems and in a quick manner
    Option to upload e-Archive invoices in bulk from eFinans e-Archive screens
    e-Archive invoice sending via FTP or Web service
    e-Archive report creation and approval with financial seal
    Option to forward the e-Archive invoice to the customer as an electronic mail
    Ability to manage e-Ledger, e-Archive and e-Invoice transactions within the same application
    10 years of storage service under the guarantee of the bank
    Option for detailed inquiry / reporting of the status of invoices sent in eFinans e-Archive system
    Only storage service specific to requester

What is REM?

Registered electronic mail (REM) is a closed-circuit electronic mail service with legitimate validity, where the sender and receiver identities are known, and the time and contents of the post cannot be changed.

REM Advantages:

  • Ability to access the e-Mails sent / received at any time
  • Opportunity for easy working by grouping messages by labels
  • Option for saving your mails as draft by the "Auto Save" feature
  • Defining SMS and e-Mail notifications
  • Ability to outline e-Mails by means of the «Critical» folder
  • Creating a pre-submission confirmation mechanism with the ability to define «Workflow»
  • Ability to increase security by signing e-Mail file attachments
  • Function to restore your folders in Trash by eFinans REM system

Final Participation Date: 31 Dec 2018

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