What is eFinans Portal Basic?

eFinans Portal Basic is an e-Invoice service free of charge designed by e-Finans to offer more comprehensive and qualified service free and to encourage e-Invoice usage. eFinans renders this e-Invoice service through eFinans Portal with many value added service included. Filling Instant e-Invoice form is enough to benefit from this free service which does not require any commitment.

What are the Advantages of eFinans Portal Basic ?

  • No Commitment

    eFinans Portal Basic package does not require any commitment

  • Free of Charge

    Within the scope of package, 100 units shall be given free of charge monthly. Unit balance shall be renewed as 100 units every month.

  • 10 Year Storage

    For Incoming-Outgoing Invoices free storage service under the guarantee of the bank for 10 years

  • Online Application without Any Document

    Fill Instant e-Invoice form and benefit from free e-Invoice service within a few minutes.

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