What is Get Now?

Get Now is one of the eFinans’ fast and easy e-Invoice solutions.
You can easily apply and be eFinans customer with a few steps.
Fill in the form, confirm with your e-signature or financial seal and become an e-Invoice user immediately without paperwork or a delay in cargo.

1. Enter your company information

Enter the TAX ID / Identity number and proceed.

2. Enter the user information

Enter the information of the person that you choose to be the eFinans Portal user and proceed.

3. Contract

Sign the contract with your e-signature / financial seal.

4. Payment

You can complete your application by paying the VAT included amount via webpost.

You can be an eFinans customer in four steps vith Get Now. You can get support for the usage and the activation of the product you’ve purchased by calling our customer services: 0850 250 67 50. eFinans call center gives service between 09.00 - 18.30, 6 days a week, Sunday excluded.

What are the Advantages of eFinans Portal?

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