What is REM?

Registered electronic mail (REM) is a closed-circuit electronic mail service with legitimate validity, where the sender and receiver identities are known, and the time and contents of the post cannot be changed.

REM Taxpayers

Travel agencies, EMRA, all companies that are licensed or have applied for license in electricity, natural gas and oil market, media service providers, State Supply Office (SSO) suppliers, real or legal persons engaged in electronic commerce

REM System

REM system ensures that registered electronic mail is transmitted using legally valid, secure electronic signature and time stamp. It allows to determine identities of sender and receiver parties and whether or not the message sent and its attachments have been changed by others.

Storing as Evidence

You can use your registered electronic mails as evidence in your legal and commercial transactions.

REM Sending - Receiving

Registered e-mail can be sent to REM users, e-mail can be received from the users.

What are the Advantages of eFinans REM?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is REM?

    Registered e-Mail: REM, Certified e-Mail: CEM, can be briefly defined as legally valid and technically secure electronic mail. REM system ensures that an electronic mail is transmitted via an authorized "registered e-mail service provider (REMSP)" using a legally valid secure electronic signature and time stamp; it also allows to determine identities of sender and receiver parties and whether or not the message sent and its attachments have been changed by others and to produce final evidences that are legally valid for them.

    Is there an obligation for using REM?

    According to article 7/a titled "Electronic Notification" added to Notification Law by The Law on Making Amendment in Notification Law and Some Laws published in Official Gazette dated January 19, 2011 and numbered 27820, while regulating that notification may be served electronically to a person who gives an electronic address convenient for notification and wishes the notification to be made to this address, it has been made obligatory to notify the corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships limited by shares by electronic means. It is optional for other legal and real persons.

    Can we use our Corporate/Individual eFinans REM address as our e-Notification address at the same time?

    Yes. You can use your Individual REM address for your individual e-Notifications and your Corporate REM addresses for your corporate e-Notifications.

    Can I send a REM without my e-Signature?

    No. You must be an e-Signature user for sending REM. If you do not use e-Signature, you can only receive REM posts delivered to you.

    Can I send a REM to other e-mail addresses (gmail, hotmail, mynet, etc.)?

    No. You can only send messages to REM account users. eFinans REM prevents sending REM to other addresses at the time of sending to prevent credit waste.

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