Special for Finansbank Customers

Could I integrate e-Invoice service with the finance solutions of Finansbank?


You can transferautomatically the information which is belong to your receipt and payment transactions with invoice integration to Finansbank via Star of Finance program.

Could I use credit from Finansbank in exchange for my e-Invoices?


If you are a Finansbank customer who gets e-Invoice service from eFinans, you can benefit from cash credit opportunity in exchange for e-Invoice which is Finansbank’s exclusive product to  provide finance by pledging your future-dated e-Invoices as guarantee.

How to transfer my invoice archive to eFinans?


You can easily upload your archive to eFinans portal from Revenue Administration (RA) portal or other special integrators. eFinans relieves you from keeping archive and keeps your archives along ten years safely for you. You can easily follow your invoices from your smartphones.

How could I understand that the my invoice have come?


eFinans system can send notification to the e-mail addresses that you will specify when the bill have come. By this way, you will be informed instantly about the invoices which came.

I get e-Invoice service and have to proceed to e-Ledger. Could I get both services from eFinans?



As an e-Finance customer, you can get benefit from both of e-Invoice and e-Ledger services.