What is e-Invoice?

e-Invoice is a system that enables sending, receiving, storing and displaying invoices electronically.

e-Invoice Taxpayers

Companies with 2014 or subsequent fiscal periods, gross sales proceeds exceeding TL 10 million, irrespective of the turnover criteria; companies producing cola-like beverages, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and mineral oil licenses.

e-Invoice Sending - Receiving

e-Invoice can be sent to registered users in the system, e-Invoice can be received from registered users.

e-Invoice Archiving and Submission

The sent and received e-Invoices are archived; can be viewed, printed and submitted at any time.

eFinans e-Invoice System

Your e-Invoices will be created, signed with the Financial Seal, sent and received in eFinans system. They are transferred to your accounting application through accounting integration.

What are the advantages of eFinans e-Invoice?


Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to become an e-Invoice taxpayer?

Obligation to keep electronic ledger and convert to e-invoice application has been imposed on taxpayers with a gross sale revenues of TL 10 million TL or more in 2014 or subsequent accounting periods, who have obtained license from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) due to the production, importation, delivery, etc. activities of the goods in the list numbered I attached to the Private Consumption Tax Law No. 4760 dated 6/6/2002 and who manufacture, construct and import the goods in the list numbered III attached to the Private Consumption Tax Law.

Can the companies that are not obliged to become e-Invoice taxpayers enter the e-Invoice system voluntarily?

Yes. The companies that are not obliged to become e-Invoice taxpayers can enter the e-Invoice system voluntarily. These companies can exit without any sanction from the e-Invoice system if they so desire. However, in response to the relevant law and communique, these companies are obliged to keep the e-Invoices which they sent and received while they were in the e-Invoice system for 10 years.

Who can benefit from the Special Integration method?

All e-Invoice users, regardless of whether they are obliged or voluntary, can benefit from the special integration method.

What is the financial seal? What does it do?

The financial seal is used to secure the integrity, source and contents of invoices and other legal documents to be created as electronic documents by legal entities, institutions, organizations and businesses, to transmit them electronically to their addressees and to secure their privacy and confidentiality during the storage in electronic environment.

What is the ease of working with eFinans in terms of financial seal?

Once you realize your service activation with your own financial seal, you can systematically sign your invoices with the financial seal of eFinans without having to use your financial seal every time.

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